Wednesday, December 07, 2005


RP vs South Gate (Skarp you have to stay home)
7:00 pm

South Gate kicked are ass last time we the RP needs to come out and show these guys with old balls how to play hockey


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It looks like it's going to be another great night of city league. It'll be a classic match-up of Talent vs. Experience. One year ago the South Gate really handed it to a Red Pepper team, that was forced to play their 3rd goal tender. The Red Pepper is hoping for a reversal of fortune this year. " It's going to interesting," says Red Pepper GM Jeff Tellmann. "It'll really be fun to play these guys even-strength."

Concerns of a dirty game have been heightened by comments made by South Gate coach Mark Kauk. Coach Kauk took to the air waves late last week to criticize and threaten the Red Pepper team. "You're going down Tellmann" Barked Kauk on a local sports talk radio show. Wanting to down play that element of the game, Tellmann admits that it's always in the back of your mind. "It's always a concern when you're playing against guys like Todd Schaefer and Jeff Bowen, but we're just going to play our game and let the score board tell the story." Tellmann says.

That story will start to unfold tonight at 7:00PM at the Eagles Arena

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The identity of "sioux pux" has been confirmed by a GF Park Board member. Unfortunately, out a respect for Vaaler Ins. Co. the GF Harald will not reveal his identity AT THIS TIME.

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