Thursday, December 08, 2005


The red pepper once again came out to a 2-0 lead by the 8 minute mark of the second period. both goals were scored by the fabulous mark lindgren. "The first goal was a great set up from a. smith and SQUASH, (newly acquired from the Quebec junior league), they are just great players and gave me the opportunity to score" lindgren said. The second goal for lindgren was unassisted. After these two goals the RP hockey team couldn't get anything going. "We just sucked passing, shooting, skating we couldn't do anything out there" tellman said "the veterans on this team really need to start showing some leadership and show the new guys what red pepper hockey is all about, there are going to be some healthy scratches next week.....I need to send a message to the team." As the red pepper's game spiraled out of control, south gate (AKA old balls) kept playing hard and got some bounces. Jeff Bowen (Sioux Alum) made a great move and top shelfed a great back hand over the sprawling jake brandt. "he's a great player and we can always look to him to give us a spark to get the fire going" said todd Schafer. After the goal by bowen to make it 2-1 south gate got two more goals to make it 3-2. Red pepper tried to fight back in the last few minutes, with many pucks thrown at the net, but nothing crossed the red line.

"its a disappointing loss, but they are a great team and mark kauk just out coached us, and i am to blame for that, mark and i have some issues that need to be worked out and i let that get to me out there on the ice tonight" tellman said. after this comment tellmann slammed the door and went and had some busch lights out of the dirty 30.

Player of the Game....Jeff Bowen and mark kauk

Quote of the night
"Kauk needs a social compass"....Joe Bryan
said after Jeff tellman was telling joe that kauk wanted to fight him at a funeral

RP, Lindgren (a. smith, squash)
RP, Lindgren (unassited)

red pepper falls to 3-2 on the year.................dammit


Blogger Wayne-O said...

From what I heard from Coach K, you guys looked like a bunch of termites out there.

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