Thursday, December 15, 2005

RP clips the wing of the Grand Forks Air Force Base

After a getting tea bagged the week earlier, by smelly old balls the red pepper came out with something to prove on wednesday. "last week really was an eye opeaner, you have to come out and play every night in the GF Old timers league. No team is going to let you win you have to earn it" said coach Jeff Tellmann. The Red Pepper switched a few things around this week. There were no healthy scratches but there was a switch between some players. Player/coach Jeff Tellmann moved up to the tofte bydal line and chad neppel moved to D. This move may have looked questinable with the "best line in the state" getting broken up but it worked out for the better. "whatever i can do to help the team i will" said chad neppel and that he did. Neppel played excellent D and got 2 points on the night. "he adds some offense to our D squad" said partner j. smith "he has great vision which allows him to make great plays in the offensive zone." "it was a shock to see neppel move back to D but tellmann played very well, he is a massive tripod in front of the net and will get many goals in the up coming games" tofte said, "i think we saw where tellmann strenghts are tonight, i hope he stays as a forward."

With the moves that were made the red pepper had a little spark and it showed. Once again the red pepper came out flying in the with a four goals in the first scored by lindgren, bydal, A.smith, and tofte. "i was able to get out of two game slump in the first period so that made me feel good, but the fealings didnt last long becuase i found out the goalie was a girl. but she stoned lindgren a few times so my good feelings came back." said bydal.

The GFAFB opened the second period with a goal to make it 4-1 but the red pepper wasnt going to let one goal get to them they ended the second with a goal by bydal to make it 5-1. "it was a great pass by tofte and i needed to bury it becaue i chocked last week on the exact same play" bydal said " tofte and i play great together, i dont know what it is but it just works, i think it is the GF Stallions bond in us."

The game got a little out of hand in the third with lindren, tellman, and sprhe getting 2 to make it 9-1. "it was a fun game, we needed it to get our confidence back for next week, we have a rematch with the rock so it will be a barn burner." said coach tellmann.

Player of the game.......................complete team win

Quote of the night
"i think i might shit my self out there"
Said while Brad Lucke was tying his skates

RP, lindgren (a.smith)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, A. smith (lucke, J.smith)
RP, Tofte (Bydal, Sphre)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, Lindgren (neppel)
RP, Sphre (neppel) (Neppel added this assist after the game)
RP, Tellmann (lindgren)
RP, Sphre (tofte)

Record is 4-2, with a rematch against the el Roco (sioux show) next wednesday


Blogger Sioux Pux (El Roco) said...

The rock will bring its "A" Game next week.

Prediction: Rock 13
Pep 6

No toying around next week.

9:31 AM  
Blogger themonkey said...

and it starts, the rock has already started talking smack, i love it.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Bartzilla said...

Lucke needs to take his adult diapers off and get some points.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Foligno Rulz said...

Rock 12
Pepper 4
Skarperud with 5 goals

1:42 PM  

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