Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Breaking news from Coors Light camp

In an attempt to try and break their team of playing shitty, the coors light team is going to sleep in hyperbaric chambers before the upcoming match up with the rp. "i got a call from bertie and he said they were preparing for this game in a little different way, so i said how, and he told me about the hyperbaric chambers." " i asked why and he said their team has a lot of talent but doesn't know how to pass or score, two very important skills to have in this little game we call hockey." bydal said.

I wanted to do some follow up research so i called jeff rost and asked him about this and he told me "ya this team needs anything, i have snapped multiple times on the bench and got nothing, they just sit there and then go out and do the same old shit, its very upsetting." I then asked if the hyperbaric chamber is going to help stop the kramchuck like play of J. Tellmann (nice move last week) and rost replied "i don't know if anything can stop tellmann, he is a man on a mission out there, we can only hope to contain him"

Well thats all i have, i guess we will see if the hyperbaric chambers will work at 5:45 tomorrow

matt bydal reporting


Blogger soiux pux (el roco) said...

You might want to try placing scooners of Morgan Diets on the other side of the glass to slow Tellmann down. You can't contain him, your only hope to distract him.

The Morgans will not only distract him, but they might make him back off of the physical play. That's what killed us.

1:08 PM  
Blogger themonkey said...

i think a morgan diet would get him somewhat distracted but to really get his head out of the game you would have to have a car bomb along side the morgan diet..jeff like car bombs

1:51 PM  

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