Thursday, January 12, 2006

J Smiths return from IR doesn't help

The RP's blue line got a little more talent last night but it didn't help. J Smith returned from a his foot injury which kept him out of last weeks game. Team sources are not releasing what actually happened to his foot but rumors have it that smith dropped a keg on his foot two weeks ago as he was walking into Ronkowskis house for a late night party. "I don't know if this is true but j smith knows the rules on late night partying..I may need to look into this more" said GM rob bethke.

The game was a complete ass whipping by Manvel, "we got completely out classed tonight, nothing was working for us, but thats how it goes sometimes" said coach tellmann.

We lost 7-4, because we suck right now, but we all had fun at bonzers. Neppel and Bydal had a great time playing pool against A smith and splikal. The beer was cold and the peanuts were great so the night wasn't to bad.

Quote of the night......
Joe bryan was talking about how slippery it was outside and the Eagles arena and how he almost slipped, and there was short pause,
oh i slipped, if it wasn't for my bag i would have bounced my head off of the cement...said brad lucke...had to be there

RP, Lindgren (neppel)
RP, Squash (A smith)
RP, Bydal (tofte)
RP, Bydal (Richmond, Neppel)

Red Pepper falls to 5-4 with a game against coors light next week


Blogger Bartzilla said...

Dear Brad Lucke,

It would be nice to see your name in the box score....Or at least in the Bonzer's box score pounding beer's. Where are you Lucke?

Love, Your Number One Fan

8:30 AM  
Blogger porksoda30 said...

If J Smitty (Brain Rafalski protoge) was going to a Coors Light party...then there's more than hockey at stake. J Smitty is the next Bud Light Daredevil.....can't be seen pounding Colorado Coolaids like he used to.
-bob soda

2:00 AM  

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