Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bies and the Boss or is it the Boss and Bies

I got another great article from my contact at the Herald. It is an article about the potential MVP's of the Merchants Dave Bies and Tanner "the boss" Johnson.

"Tostadas Hit Below the Belt"

It's looks to be another great night of ice hockey in GF, as the Tostadas square off against the Merchant of the University of EGF. Although they are going to play short handed, the Tosties are looking to set the record straight after an 8-3 trouncing in their first meeting earlier this year. Will Tanner Johnson let it all hang out tonight? Not likely says Chad Neppel, "He's more likely to let it point out" Ouch! Neppel obviously refering to a nude picture of Tanner posted on the internet. Neppel went on to say he didn't expect Tanner to "dangle" tonight either. What does the Pepper expect tonight? "They have alot of weapons" say Pepper Forward, Aaron Smith, "the least of which is their defense and we plan to attack them where their weak. Bies. In the name of fairness we contacted Co-commissioner Dave Bies at Modern Auto Body to respond to these strong words. "well I'll tell you what uhhh listen HOCKEY I don't know well what? why? HOCKEY tonight whitey cup Hockey me defense ha ha pucks fast skate HOCKEY pass ...Bumper shoot we gotsta paint the whole corner panel........" Damn Dave what the fuck was that? It must be nerves. What I do know is that he has til 7:00PM tonight at the Eagles Arena to shake those nerves.

Herald Staff Guy


Blogger Hockey Hockey, Joy Joy said...

Great Stuff Staff. It brought me great joy. the great JOY out.

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used to be the reputation of a set casino incentive is a myth.
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old helper, to the player earlier acting in casinos, it is Texas Holdem.
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