Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Semrau may be unleashed against old balls tonight

In an attempt to not get tea bagged tonight by old balls, the roc may unleash there secret weapon of chris semrau. "usually we need a 3 goal lead before chris gets out there but tonight is a different story" said assistant coach skarp "we are playing old balls, and dont let the name fool you. This team is a crafty bunch and can tea bag you at a moments notice. Were thinking we need to have chris start tonight and set the tone early. We got worked last week and chris wasnt out there and we are thinking that is the reason." As the roomers were floating around, there was some confirmation of this in the back of a well established restaurant at lunch time. " Chris will start tonight, i need him to take schafer out, that crazy veteran of the huff and puff could easily beat us" said panzer. "we cant take any chance of losing, we need to keep our dominance over this league and with TWO losses to the RED PEPPER and one to the merhcants we feel we are losing some of our luster and chris is the guy that can give us that back." As the red pepper was sitting and watching this all unfold with very astonished looks on their face we all turned to each other and said "oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay"

The Red Pepper will get to see how the game unfolds since the roco vs old balls is right after the rp game.

See ya tonight

i had to write something about the big match up tonight


Blogger SiouxSniper said...

Semrau... minus 5 in last night's game against the old balls, according to the Roc coaching staff.

7:40 AM  

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