Thursday, January 19, 2006

The dentists early arrival pays off

With a very big game in the standings and with team morale starting to fall the RP came out and got a huge win last night at the gambucci arena. The game didnt start off good with the red pepper falling 2-0 at the end of the first, but with a great pep talk by Mark "lumpy" Lundberg the red pepper team came out and answered in the second. "Lumpy is just a great coach, he understands the game and understands how to motive players" said lumpys co-renter of the red pepper suites A Smith.

The red pepper hung 7 in the second to make the game 7-2. It was all started by the larimore dentist Jimmy Richmond. He came flying down the right side and beat the goalie on the short side to start the on slot. "it was great to have jimmy there early i was a littled shocked, in a good way, to see him there for warm ups but obviously it payed off." said coach lumpy. After the richmond goal the pepper gave the coors light goalie more shots than an uneducated fluff girl. "we could just feel the flood gates opening up, we new the more shots that we got to the net the more goals we would get" said tofte.

As the third started the coors light team came out with a little fire under them by scoring a nice goal but the dentist pulled the fire out like he was pulling a tooth by answering right back and burying his second of three goals on the night. "it was a big goal i know the score was 7-3 but that aint much in the huff and puff league, for jimmy to answer back like that was huge and really gave us a lift." said j tellmann. the game ended with rp winning 11-3, but the talk around the ice was the great play by tellmann and bydal to get that 11th goal.

With 30 seconds on the clock and the puck squirting out of the zone and bydal hustling to get the puck tellmann and bydal came down on a two on one. Bydal had the excellent patience to draw the D to him and give a nice tape to tape saucer pass to tellmann and then tellamann put a move on the goalie, like flavor flav puts moves on the ladies in the flavor of love, and buried it pass the goalie for the 11th and final goal. "i knew if i got the puck to tellmann it would be a goal, he has been at university park a lot and been working on his skills so i had all the confidence in him" Bydal said.

Player(s) of the Game
Mark "lumpy" lundberg for his first intermission pep talk
Jimmy "the dentist" richmond for his hatty on the night

Quote of the night
lots of talking in the locker room after the game, it all blended together

RP, Richmond (unassited)
RP, Neppel (richmond)
RP, Sprehre (unassited)
RP, Sprehre (lindgren, A. Smith)
RP, Lindgren (Tom B, Sprehe)
RP, Tom B (bydal, tofte)
RP, Richmond (J. Bryan)
RP, Richmond (J Bryan)
RP, Splical (Nepple)
RP, Lindgren (Sprehe)
RP, Tellmann (Bydal)...unbelivable goal

Pepper move to 6-4 on the season with a huge rematch with old balls next week


Blogger Sioux Pux (El Roco) said...

Playoff matchup in January?

You guys better be worried about old balls next week. You should have been taking notes instead of cheering for them. Hope you beat them so you make the playoffs. It must suck fighting for your playoff lives.

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