Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Red Pepper gets a very salty TEA BAG from OLD BALLS

Last night at the Gambucci there was an important game on many levels. In the standings, for bragging rights, and a guaranteed win given by Todd Schafer. "i just have confidence in my team and myself, so i knew i would be ok giving that guarantee." The game started off with Old Balls getting on the board first and ending the first period up 2-0. The rp wasnt worried at all, last week they were down 2-0 after the second and hung 7 in the second.

The rp game out flying in the second and tied it up at two with goals by richmond and nepple. "after we got those two goals we knew we were right back in it, we just knew we needed to keep on them" said coach tellmann. old balls answered to get the score to 3-2 to end the second.

The third period was a good period of hockey, multiple chances were given to the rp to get right back into the game but they couldnt bury their chances. "i had so many chances to win this game and i didnt get it done, i give myself the el chocko award, copyright Brad Beauchamp, for the night." bydal said. He then said f$%K and walked in and got a beer to drown his sorrows. I did run into him at bonzers and he was feeling better he got a pub club and a beer in him and he was good to go. "this was a tuff loss we played well but just couldnt get pass lamoureux" said tofte. "old balls is a good team, im just pissed i got a salty tea bag tonight, no guy likes that it just sucks" said nepple. old balls did get another goal to make the score 4-2 for the final. "i cant believe we allowed them to get two unanswered goals and we only scored 2 goals in a huff and puff game" lindgren said "you cant score two goals and expect to win in the huff and puff"

Player of the Game
Piere Lamoureux

Quote of the night was change to action of the night
Im sitting next to nepple getting dressed before the game, i look over at him, and here's a guy doing lumbar stretches wearing nothing but his Bennie..........hay naked guy doing stretches

RP, Richmond (J. Smith)
RP, Neppel (Bydal, Lucke)

Pepper falls to a very salty 6-5, with the 2-9 speedy signs up next week


Blogger SiouxSniper said...

Look on the bright side RP, getting tea bagged by old balls my yield health benefits...

Indeed, the popular press paints tea as a miracle worker--allegedly capable of curing or warding off cancer, heart attacks, high cholesterol, tooth decay, bad breath, osteoporosis, and, a study suggested recently, even Alzheimer's disease. Maybe that's why there are more than 1,200 U.S. tea shops, compared with almost none 15 years ago. In the same period, tea sales have more than doubled to $5 billion.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Bartzilla said...

Nice to see Brad Lucke on the board. Long time no see, to say the least. I predict a victory next week, and the start of Lucke's scoring spree. Fellow sure to follow the Blue Crush as they continue to drink their way to victory in the Western League.

2:24 PM  
Blogger SiouxSniper said...

Pretty quiet around here, wondering if the "salt" in the wound has affected the once Mighty RP squad? The once title contender is now fighting for their playoff lives...

9:09 AM  
Blogger themonkey said...

we will be fine, coach tellmann told us we cant talk to the media and told us to quit blogging so we can focus on the game. when he starts to blog again we will be allowed to comment. until then we are suppose to ride the bike and do pushups and situps daily.

9:35 AM  

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