Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Tellmann, Tostadas Tighten Chin Straps"

Ten weeks after their first meeting, Red Pepper and Cucoo’s Nest are set to butt heads again 7:00pm Weds. night at the Gambucci Arena. This is no ordinary game, however. This is the first time these two teams have seen each other since the Red Pepper bested the Nest in an O/T shoot-out. Rumors abound about how former Odessa Jackalope bruiser, Chris Morque will approach this rematch. In the last meeting Morque, who is credited with breathing life into a “Huff & Puff” league that had become much too soft, got the worst of a mid-ice collision, which left him in need of shoulder surgery.

Ironically, this game comes on the eve of the much anticipated Commissioner’s Memo calling for tighter officiating. In his typical style, Joe Bryon summed it up. “All the memos in the world aren’t going to stop this guy if his switch has been flipped. And it’s up for debate whether it’s flipped or not”. Other players in the Tostada locker room were less willing to focus on that aspect. “We expect a good game out of these guys. They’re a talented club,” said Pepper defensemen, Jason Smith. He continued, “I know I’m going to have a good time. I’ll probably play opposite handed a lot. It’s gonna be fun.”

Be sure to tune in to Swig & Hennessy Weds morning for the final word from league instigator Mark Kauk..

We’ll see you at the “Booch”


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