Wednesday, March 08, 2006

GM wants a win

As i was sitting down last night to enjoy a game of NHL 2006 on my PS2 (best game ever) i received a call from our Friend, Mentor, all that is mighty, and GM of the Red Pepper hockey team rob bethke. He asked me what i was doing and i said "stretching my fingers getting ready for a huge game in nhl 2006." After a deep breath and the shedding of a tear rob asked "what has happened to the Red Pepper squad, you aren't blogging, the team is losing, sprhe is taking scooners to the head, lines are getting shuffled, and joe bryan is puking after every shift." I could tell Rob needed to have a talk, so i pushed pause and pealed the controller from my hands so i could give our GM some of my time. i told him "the blogging or lack there of is my fault, out of frustration with our team and myself I through the stat sheet in the garbage. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck, bydal you need to be a leader you cant just throw shit in the garbage how does that look to your teammates, do you see my face in that picture, the overall seriousness" i replied "yes sir i do" "well i am more serious than that right now, the pepper is not a squad that throws the season in the garbage, we are the type of team that stands up throws that fucking garbage out the door, grabs a busch light.... down it, and go out and win the fucking game. I want the team tonight to go out there shut their mouths and win the game. No more fuckin around, this is the first round of the playoffs...there is no tomorrow. Are u hearing me BYDAL." "yes sir i am" "good, call me after the game, I need to leave now and go to my local bar and get a lady that is 280, put a Manvel M on her back and take out my frustrations." CLICK

After this inspirational speech, i strapped on my head phones, cranked up eye of the tiger and got on the exercise bike. Eye of the tiger has been playing on my headphones all day.

See you at the gambucci at 7:00


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