Monday, April 24, 2006


With a disappointing end to the regular season the Red Pepper went into the Baron's Tournament trying to get back on track for the next year. "My main objective of this tournament was to play hockey, observe the team chemistry to see who is going to be back next year, and drink beers." Said Player/Coach Jeff Tellmann. The Red Pepper started off the tournament with a game on Friday night. They walked through a Canadian team and then had some beers in the locker room. Saturday started at 9 am and followed up with another game at 4 pm. Pepper was able to get a win in both of these sending them to a 2:00 Championship game in the REA big house. Sorry about the lack of details these games were along time ago. There was one problem the pepper was going to run into before the 2:00 game. There was a little something called Ultimate Fighting at the local EGF Civic Center. With the majority of the team attending the fighting we knew the game on Sunday was going to be interesting. The night started at the NEW Red Pepper with a little food and drinks. From there we all went to the fights and did what u do at fights, Drank and watched other men (and women) get beat up and then drank some more. Now I don't know about anyone else but I had my full of beers. As we are walking out I get this phone call from a Red Pepper Linemate, eric tofte. "im stuck, i need you to push me out" "what the f$&K i reply" (obvious response). So we get to the tor-ass and taylor, morley, horner and i start laughing. We start pushing and we aren't really going anywhere, we just aren't getting the rocking motion we need. Toftes driving abilities weren't the best so horner says "get the f$&K out of the seat, let me show you how to do this shit." Horner says push. After a few seconds of pushing and listening to the tor-ass struggle I say "Horner give it some more" horner replies "its to the floor, tofte your car sucks." The tor-ass finally got out and we went to the cuckoos nest.

I arrived at the cuckoos nest (this is when it starts to get a little fuzzy on the details) and I say to myself I have had enough to drink and I need some pizza. So taylor, Rintol (fargo friend and opponent at 2), and myself try and go to Mikes Pizza, but they are closed so we head to our GM's favorite spot in the nation Jeannies. We get a fries and gravy and other items, all thinking about the correct carbs and protein we need for the big game tomorrow, and head home at about 3:00am.

Now i wake up feeling like i got hit by a mack truck full of beer on a tuesday and then it backed over me on wednesday. I am hung over, very hung over. Interesting note, last year i woke up very hungover on the last day of barons and didn't go to the game. I know I cant do this again so i go and wake up Rintol, hoping the couch has put a very bad kink in his back and he cant play. this is not the case he says "i feel like a million bucks, take me to my car and i will see you at 2"

Game Time:
The locker room was just a bunch of stories from the night before and some weird music playing in the back ground. This is getting long and i don't remember much about the game besides i was hungover and do remember passing and/or shooting the puck and getting nothing behind it and saying to myself...dam i am hung. Any who we lost 9-3 took a picture, got a free t-shirt and all went home.

Coach Tellmann said he will be calling everyone on the team telling them what he wants us to work on in the off season......

PS Yes we may have finished 7th in the league tournament, yes we lost 9-3 in the championship game of the barons tournament BUT the el roco won both of those tournaments, yes both, and WE BEAT THEM TWICE THIS YEAR SO I GUESS WE ARE CHAMPIONS AS WELL.........



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