Thursday, August 24, 2006


The red pepper had a great off season this year. Not only is the business booming with 17 stores through out the US and 3 in Japan, the japs love the grinder, but the softball team was able to get a league championship. "It has been a very memorable year. Since the run at the BArons hockey tournament everything has been great. Opening stores, winning championships, sponsoring race cars, and generally just counting my stacks of cash." Said coach and President of Red Pepper Inc. Jeff Tellmann. " I am just really proud of the way the team played tonight. We came out and did our job, made plays, hit homers, and drank beers. all three are equally important when playing for a league title. When asked how this will carry over into the hockey season nepple replied "oh this will really help us, we were really amped about the barons but this will really keep us on the up and up until the season starts. tryouts will be tuff but it will make us better in the long run. I need a beer, see ya"

Lots of cheering and hog piling was going on after the big win (as u can see above). After the beer was gone the team decided to go to Dennys.....and guess who we saw....Quinn with the lady that is 280..... Got to love Quinn


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