Tuesday, October 03, 2006


When the colder temperatures come and leaves start to turn Coach Tellmann isnt thinking about anything but cheese tostada hockey. I have know this for many years so i decided to meet the coach and see what he has prepared for the upcoming season.

Me: For all of our faithful readers out there why don't you tell them where we are and what we are doing.
Coach: We are at Dennys waiting for Quinn to walk in

ME: Quinn why quinn, am i going to lose my spot this year
Coach: No no matty your spot as stat boy is never going to be taken. I am suppose to meet Quinn and talk to him about leaving the dark side (el roco) and joining the good guys.

ME: Good good, well coach, when the colder temperatures come and the leaves start to turn what do u start to thinking about
Coach: Cheese Tostada Hockey of course, the smell of the ice, the chatter in the locker room, the beers.......sigh.......got to love it

ME: So coach we fell apart at the end of the year last year, joe quit puking, J. smitty through the stat sheet in the garbage, u kicked me off your line, and i quit blogging. How are you not going to not make that happen again
Coach: Well matt we are going to start early, as in tomorrow, with team drills (see above photo). This will really bring us together as a team and help us start and finish the season strong.

ME: Good good, i like it. I got some new skates this year...do you think i will be fast this year
Coach: Matt you will never be fast.......Quinn what the hell took you so long, get over here and let me get you a drink...bartender get quinn his usual... and get his women away from that double cheseburger and get her over here

ME: see ya coach

So with that Pepper hockey is underway. will the pepper beat the dark side (twice) and get T-Bagged by old balls again...........only time will tell


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