Wednesday, November 01, 2006


With the season around the corner Rob Bethke, GM, called with good news to coach tellman on Monday. "we got him" bethke said to tellmann. Him is Kelly Kilgore, GF Central stand out and UMC Crookston All Star. "Last year after the season I told my team i will become a free agent, I wanted to come to the pepper but wanted to see how many free grinders i could get for signing." my agent bydal called me monday and said two free a week, one for him and one for me, so i said sign me up....i could eat more pepper" kilgore said. "we are excited to have him, he will solidify our blue line and bring the leadership we were lackin last year. He is going to have the A on his sweater for a reason. his experience along with hard work will be great for our other D to see." commented assitant coach neppel.

Kilgores career ended after crookston because he decided to get married and have kids, but with the recent addition to the fam he thinks he needs to look for a new line of work. " i saw skarperud go from the pepper to UND so i figured i would try go from the pepper to the AHL and hopefully the show. I cant go to UND since all of my eligibility was used up 22 miles away, so the show is my only choice" said kilgore "im excited he still has the drive to try and get to the N, he might have missed his window but with hard work and determination he could make it" said tellmann. "he is going to be a great addition, I play softball with him and he is a rock at 3rd, so i figured he would be a great addition to our team, i called bethke and coach and said they should take a look, so they drove to the penal league championship in brookings, SD....kilgore was serving 6 months for stealing little debbies from the loaf and jug....and they liked what they saw" bydal said "it will be great to catch nice tape to tape saucer passes for breakaways"

With wilson in the net and kilgore on the blue line it sounds like the pepper has made some great improvements this year. Season opener is next week, looks good on paper we just need to be "try hards" to make everyone believers.


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