Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The Red Pepper opens up the 06-07 season at the BLC at 8:30 against Speedy Signs. Speedy better be careful the BLC is perfect for the red pepper trap...just ask the Roco they were 0-2 against the trap in the BLC in the 05-06 season. The following are keys to success for the year of 06-07.

1. Defense, Defense, Defense......No more 3-0 for the other team 9 times in a game everygame. The addition of Kilgore with his leadership and talent should help this problem. Forwards can't just skate one way either, the ice doenst go up hill on the way back to our defensive zone.

2. Breakouts...The pepper has been working with the gate to learn there patented "old balls" breakout of spreading the ice and passing the puck..it is a simple but hard concept for the pepper to learn. Last week there was some attempts in live action and we almost had to IR half the team becasue we kept running into each other. Like i have said before we are a bunch of never wases.....

3. Need to be "try hards"...........if nothing else this will really piss of the roco

4. Drink some beers and eat grinders after the game, will bulk you up for those tuff encounters with morqway (no idea how to spell his name) or you can just turtle like i did....that is the more manly approach

Next Game:
8:30 pm
Speedy Signs


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