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The season didn't start out the best for the pepper last night. The young team of speedy signs came out and hung 5 in the first to give them a 5-0 lead going into the second. "Nepple and I were really close to pulling wilson and sending him back to the California inline league, and put our back up goalie joe bryan in, but we decide to stick it out and that was the right decision" said tellmann after the game. With a positive speech, from jimmy rich, between periods lindgren put the pep on the board early with a pair of goals from sprehe and J. Smitty. "i was just trying to get open and sprehe hit me with to backdoor passes" lindgren said. But good old lindgren wasn't done there. Like he does for Sioux home games, (he is the lamp lighter at sioux home games), he lit the lamp again in the second making the game 5-3 going into the third. "it was huge for us to get the game close and get on the board, lindgren was able to get us right back in the game...this is why bethke signed him to a 10 yr 3 grinder a week contract to keep him around, we cant lose a guy like that" said nepple.

The third period started off good for the pep. Going hard to the net and getting good chances but were unable to capitalize. With 10 min left in the 3rd tofte gave bydal a glorious saucer pass tape to tape and bydal was able to score. "that pass was unreal, i couldn't believe it, one of the better passes in pepper hockey history....if bydal didn't score on that he would have sat the rest of the game"said coach tellmann. For the next 8 minutes there was a lot of neutral zone play but with 1 minute remaining wilson was pulled and "hot stick" lindgren was sent onto the ice. Lindgern got a great pass from tellmann off the boards and shelved a twister wrister over the glove of the goalie. "this is a great night for me, i worked really hard with burgraff on my skating and shooting this summer it is great to see all of that time paying off" said lindgren

Game went to a shoot out and pepper lost, but the game was good for the pep. "i was proud of the team tonight, great way to start the season. Would have liked to have the W but they will come" said tofte


Player of the Game..............bydal.....kidding lindgren it was you

RP, Lindgren (spehre, J Smitty)
RP, Lindgren (spehre, J Smitty*)
RP, Lindgren (nepple)
RP, Bydal (Tofte)
RP, Lindgren (Tellmann, J Smitty*)

Bydal--X--triped on the hash marks and went flying into the boards, out 2-3 weeks with broken ego

Quote/Action of the night:
Our new free agent, Kilgore, is so talented he plays on two teams. Well after his first game he came into our locker room with his bag, stick, and one busch light can on top of another. Tofte was impressed to say the least. After the game we get into the locker room and kilgore says "what this team doesnt bring beer" (we forgot beer last night). Then he took off his gear and said "papa bear is getting fat, mamma bear might need to say...hay quit eating". then he showered and went to the bar......great first night for our new free agent.

Record is 0-1 with an afternoon game with OVETIME next week


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my defense, since i was rushed from my supper which consisted of pizza and ice cream, i felt i needed to consume a few more carbs, and since beer was the only logical option around....i went with it! However should my weight continue to fluctuate around the 235-240 marker, the pizza and ice cream will be cut out of my current diet there for following contract guidelines set for by coach tellmann saying that no defense should be waddling backwards over 235 pounds.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kelly if you want to get in the glutten bowl with bart and I go right ahead, we will get you down to your prime playing weight in no time


if you want to sign up

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another moral victory for the pepper squad. Look out for old balls this year, they said that you guys might be the only team they can beat this year.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

Tofte is the biggest plug in the league. I swear to god this guy thinks that turnovers are donuts, he orders a dozen every game! He should play for the sisters of the poor. By far worst hockey player in the league! And are you kidding me with that fish tank he wears? what a pussy! He's afraid of getting hit in the grill! Grow a pair softe, and play the game like a man.

Bydal is by far the biggest cherry picker in the league. His basket is so full, it's unbelievable! He should be banned from Manvel for life, he is not worthy to wear the pepper jersey. Or getting a tasty hoagie after the game. Sit and feel shame!

Wilson tried to commit suicide after this last game, he stood on the train tracks to let the train hit him, but even that went through his legs. Wilson, you suck! Jack Ass!!! You don't have a five-hole, it's more like a ten-hole.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay bertie

easy now, that fish bowl of a mask is goign to run you over tonight. and you will see tonight how much i dont cherry pick. Everyone on our team plays D and we just let Lindgren put the puck in the net


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old balls,

the pepper can not take another salty tea bag from old balls. they even beat us in pre-season this year. Lots of salt on the tounges of the pepper.......


9:00 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

Unlike your team we don't have a consistent goal scorer. I'd watch out for the Fuher/Bertie D line (6 pts game 1)! JK I can't wait for tonight. We'll have to make sure and tell the refs that we all know eachother so it dosn't turn into a shoot out all game. PS who ever wrote about Teeter, U and Wilson was f-ing halarious! I was on my knees laughing. "the train didn't hit 'em cause it went through his legs" LOL now thats funny.

I agree Lingen is always a threat, However, we have a plan to take him or his sticks out prior to the afternoon game!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you cant stop lindgren you can only hope to contain him.....and if you contain him the other tostadas will get ya.......bring it on OVERTIME


12:17 PM  

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