Thursday, November 16, 2006


The night started off slow again for the pepper. With the game at 3-0 in the middle of the first the pepper knew they had to do something to keep it close. So nepple took a rebound and sniped on the goalie to put the pep on the board. But Overtime came back and made it 4-1 before the first ended.

the second didn't really start out the way the pepper wanted it. Nick Fuhr started to take over the game with ridiculous toe drags to saucer passes for goals. But the pepper figured this out really quick. "There is two ways to stop the Fuhr toe drag 1. use a crafty poke check 2. Grab his shoulder pads (yes nick wears shoulder pads, don't know why but he does)" said Tom Bryan. So after the Fuhr show was over the Tommy Bryan show started. You see tommy b is a great hockey player, tall, skinny, great reach. So this makes for a great D man. He is like the Willie Mitchel of Mens League, a very defensive d man....which is great for the pep. so when Tommy B gets a chance to score he takes advantage. With the pepper down by a few and the second coming to a close tom bryan got a great pass from (i forgot the stats sheet so don't remember who passed it to him) and went in all alone. Tommy gave the patented triple Deek and was able to tap in a nice back hand to get the pepper to 6-3 and more importantly a huge boost for the third.

The third period couldn't have started off any better for the pepper. The first shift they get it to 6-5 with goals by tofte and bydal. Then sprehe got it too 6-6 with a twisted wrister from the slot....BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT he gave it back when he skated off the ice didnt tell anyone and the pepper was playing with 4 guys and ovetrtime came in and scored on a three on one. "i thought it felt a little weird back there" was the comment from Tommy B when he got back to the bench and realized he was the only D man on the ice for that goal. The game got to 8-7 and with 45 secs left sprehe TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF with a goal to tie it up. "i let my team down earlier so i knew i had to make a play" said sprehe.

So once again the pepper fought back and went to a shoot out. After the first 3 guys went we were still tied. It went all the way to the 6th shooter and this is when the the coaching move of the year came out. Lindgren skated over to Tellmann and said "go down and shoot low stick side" At this point tellmann had his helmet off sticks and gloves in the bench and had no intention too shoot. "i dont usually shoot in shoot outs, i am a hard nosed player who just tries to get the puck to the net. 5 minutes before the shoot out bydal said to me to... shoot low for a rebound and i said to him....i don't aim my shots they just go" said tellmann. So with tellmann going to the net, bydal is sitting their thinking in the back of his mind..he doesn't aim his shots...but tellmann aimed this one and went low glove side and buried it for a goal, making lindgren a coaching genius. Martienson stoned rosty and the pepper got the first win on the year.

After the second "I told the guys we had a tuff road ahead, we were down by 3 and had a short bench but i told the team....hay we have been here before... and like a fat kid looking at cake my teams eyes lite up and i could tell they were ready to play so i knew we were going to be was good to get this win tonight" said tellmann.


players of the game....Tellmann and Martienson (lindgrens coaching move is a very close second)

RP, Sprehe
RP, Lindgren
RP, Sprehe
*no assists awared, statastician forgot the stats sheet*

Matienson had huges saves and TELLMANN buried the game winner

Quote of the night:
"Tellmann go in stick side and shoot low" lindgren said to tellmann for the game winner

Record is 1-1 with OLD BALLS aka South Gate next week.


Blogger associated press said...

There has been some controversy over some of the calls Referree Palmiscno made in the Red Pepper victory last night. Some critics argue that Palmo has such a soft spot for the Red Pepper and there fabulous food that he could not stand seeing them dominated by Overtime. Palmo felt the Pep's only chance to win the game would have to come from a rediculous number of penalty shots which inevitably resulted in a win for the Pepper. I believe the penalty shot count was somewhere between 4 to 6 penalty shots for the Pep, and only one sympathy call for Overtime late in the third because of the obvious lack of judgement used on behalf of Palmo. It is noted that Palmo's much wiser assistant referree actually looked over to the Overtime bench in disgust in regards to Palmo's obvious bias for the Pepper. No team likes to lose in the competitive nature of the Whitey's Cup, and in case's like these it's unfortunate when the loss may be the result of poor refereeing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we only scored on 2 of those penaltys shots....yes we suck at them...but with a 3 goal lead, those two goals shouldnt have made a difference

good try though

typical soar loser blaming the refs


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