Friday, December 08, 2006


The pepper had a huge test on Wednesday facing the number one team in the league. the merchants have been rolling through the league like a fat kid rolling down hill. Knowing this the pepper knew they needed to play a good game and try give the merchants their first loss.
The pepper started out with their 4 goal warm up. "coach only allows us to warm up with 4 pucks, he thinks it gets us working together and gets the chatter up, which it does, he is a hockey genius" said tofte. After the warm up the pepper came out and were flying all over the ice. the merchants were able to get on the board first but lindgren answered to tie it up. From there on it was back and forth. "it was a great game, it was our best game we have played all year" said tellmann "i am proud of our guys, even though we lost we showed character" the pepper lost 4-3 in a battle but that's not all they lost.
With 5 minutes left in the third jeff tellmann was doing his patented tri-pod in front of the net. The puck went into the corner and jeff went after it and was hooked and tripped face first into the boards. When jeff hit all everyone heard was ooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch. With only a few minutes left jeff went to the bench in obvious pain, no penalty shot was awarded. In the locker room jeff was in obvious pain and went to where any one with a separated shoulder goes to get it check out..Southgate (old balls is so old they have a traveling doctor with them) Jeff got some bad news 1-2 weeks separated shoulder.
Player of the game....Matty Wilson
Chokes of the game....Matt Bydal & Eric Tofte--both had breakaways in the first and shoved it up their ass
RP, Lindren
RP, Nepple (spree, Lindgren)
RP, Lindgren
Quote of the night
"bydal, is my right shoulder lower than my left" said by Jeff to bydal after the game
Pepper falls to 2-3 with a big game against Labatts (aka el roco or sioux guys with a newly required penguins all star....weird)


Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

Beads, you look like number 9 from Blearus out there you suck hole. Nice shot on that break away. I don't know if you're worthy to be a bird. (that's hint number one)

Tofte, you're a clown as usual. I could go on, but it's too easy to rip you a new one. I'll just let everyone laugh at you like they normally do behind your back. Nice fish tank. I can't believe you have a mouth guard under there too. you suck! We play you next week. We're dropping the mits, you'll turtle though, you f'n pussy.

Wilson, the 10 hole strikes again eh? you're not fit to sleep in the Imperial Palace! you might want to find a room at the stratosphere, that's all you're good enough for.

Peace you
Dirty Bird

8:04 PM  
Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

Have to make a correction, beads, I said that you shot on that breakaway, but I meant to say that you deaked.

I can't make the game tonight, so Tofte, you live to play another day.

Beads, remember the 4 on 4 tourney in Manvel after the Belarus/Swiss game during the world juniors in 04? You were an animal up there, I need to see you playing like that tonight!

you should make the trip to vegas, you could be a dirty bird!

Keep it dirty,
The Dirty Bird

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

manvel brings out very special talent, talent that can only be seen at that special place

vegas i wish, wife and kid and no money....but some day i will make that trip

7:29 AM  

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