Tuesday, November 21, 2006


At an undisclosed resturant at an undisclosed time and date, captain (schafer) and co-caption (westy) of old balls were heard talkin smack. They said "the only win we will get this year is against the Red Pepper". Now this really throws their team under the buss but it really shows lack of respect for the pepper. "i couldn't believe when i heard this, i serve them grinders and whatever they want on a weekly basis, with a smile and then they treat the pepper squad like this.......pisses me right off" said nepple "oh ya......and they never tip me either.....old fuggers" Obviously nepple is heated, but tellmann took a different approach. He asked westy about this comment and westy said "ah....um.....blah......da......sooooo.......shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....son of a..........." his dentures then flew out and he started to shake. With this reaction tellmann knew the comment was true. "its pretty obvious they think they are better than us, that's OK...they are old and senile and forget what they say half the time so i will forgive them" said tellmann.

Pepper tries to avenge double TEA BAGGS by old balls from last year on Wednesday.


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