Friday, December 01, 2006


Berts trucking came out like a team that needed a win on Wednesday night. The trucks were oiled up and flying around the ice and were able to come out with a 1-0 lead. But the pepper would not have that, with goals by lindgren and bydal the pepper went into the lead. Things were looking good and then all of a sudden it was 4-2 berts. "the middle of the 1st was a good period for us, but the beginning and the end were not good, its something we need to look at on the film and get it figured out" said tellmann.

The pepper has been playing from behind all season so 4-2 was nothing. The pepper came out in the second and put more rubber on berts goalie than a fluffer in the Houston 500 flick. With all this rubber at the net the pepper was only able to tie it up going into the third. It should have been 5-4 but Bydal did his patented trip and fall in front of the net and somehow got the goalie out of position and was going to bury it for a goal but the goalie was able to poke check him right at the last second. "that really pissed me off i was on my way to the bench to have the statistician right down my goal and all of a sudden the paddle come out and poke checked me....god dam poke check" bydal said.

The third started off with the score 4-4 but houston wasn't at 500 yet so the fluffer needed more rubber. The pepper put on a clinic of their patented 4 forwards and 1 defensemen and were able to get 4 gnotes in the third and only gave up one making the final 8-5. The 8th and final goal for the pepper was the first 4 point goal in pepper history. Tofte crashed the zone and was able to give a dish to spree and spree gave a saucer to tellman and telly got the D to suck to him and gave a nice no look back hand to bydal and olay olay olay olay olaaaaaaaaaaaay olay.......olay.


Player of the game.....The entire red pepper squad

RP, Lindgren (Bertie)
RP, Bydal (Bertie)
RP, Richmond (Lindgren)
RP, Lindgren (Richmond, Spree)
RP, Lindgren (Spree, Richmond)
RP, Spree (J Telly, Bydal) Sweet goal by the way
RP, J. Smitty (Bydal)
RP, Bydal (J Telly, Spree, Tofte) First 4 point goal awared in stats history

Record is 2-2, and we don't know who we play next week, hay its mens league these are things you have to deal with.


Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

Beads, truth be told, you looked better out there wed night. I was thinking you'd be hanging on to the puck too long, but to my surprise, you dished it off.

Tofte, nice face off win at the end being up by 5 you plug. The other guy didn't even put his stick down.

Nice itech by the way, you look like a gold fish in a littl bowl.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

Tofte, I forgot to add this, do you think you're some kind of model out there? always looking in the glass to see how you look? your style stops are brutal. Get your head up

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the dirty bird must really like the pepper and beads and tofte if he is coming to watch our games to see how we play, thanks for the support. hold up a sign next time you are at the game so we can know who you are.


6:42 AM  
Anonymous The Dirty Bird said...

I don't come to watch beads, I play against you, figure it out, captain clown!

Tofte's fishtank is a sight tho, I figured you'd be tougher and not wear a bird cage.

Go get em tomorrow

6:18 PM  

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